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  • Fujifilm Launches New Software Version Of ‘CAD EYE’ In India September 27, 2021
    Fujifilm India, the visionary leader in technology and innovation is pleased to announce the launch of a new software version of "CAD EYE", a function that supports real-time detection of colonic polyps during colonoscopy utilizing AI technology. This updated function will
  • Happy Hindi Diwas 2021: Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Quotes, SMS, Status And Shayari September 14, 2021
    Every year, 14 September in India marks Hindi Diwas to celebrate and promote this beautiful language. Not many know that Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world and was declared as the country's official language on 14 September
  • Teachers’ Day 2021 Date, History, Theme and Significance September 4, 2021
    Someone once said that ‘teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best'. 5 September marks Teachers' Day and therefore, it is celebrated to honour and appreciate teachers, educators, scholars who inspire students to make a difference
  • World Coconut Day 2021: Date, History, Theme And Significance September 1, 2021
    This fruit is being grown for over 4500 years in tropical regions and has immense health benefits and culinary uses. Water, oil, meat or milk, everything can be used. To create awareness about the usage of this unique fruit, World Coconut
  • Josh And Mash Project Foundation Collaborate To Launch #YuvaJosh Challenge August 31, 2021
    Josh, India's leading and most engaged short-video app and MASH Project Foundation have joined hands to organise the #YuvaJosh Challenge starting August 23, 2021. The challenge has brought together 10 leading NGOs and social enterprises who work with the volunteers. Leveraging


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  • 7 Signs And Symptoms Of Teething In Babies October 18, 2021
    Teething in babies usually starts by the age of six months, and by the age of three, all the first teeth appear. This process helps infants to start on solid food items and get the required nutrition for their growth and
  • Expert Article: Importance of Nutrition for Teenagers October 18, 2021
    Teenagers go through big physical changes in puberty. They need extra nutrition to fuel these physical changes, which means they need to eat healthy food. Your child's level of physical activity and stage of development determine exactly how much healthy food
  • Green Tea During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? October 14, 2021
    Green tea is one of the popular and healthiest teas around the world. It contains one of the vital polyphenols catechin (epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate and epigallocatechin-3-gallate) which is known to possess many health benefits, including benefits during pregnancy. [1] {image-isgreenteasafeduringpregnancy-1634041410.jpg
  • Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatments October 13, 2021
    Round ligament pain is characterised by cramps and pain caused due to contractions and stretching of the round ligaments during pregnancy. Round ligaments are part of the female reproductive system made with both fibrous and muscular connective tissues. It looks like
  • How To Manage Vaccination-Related Pain In Newborns And Children? October 12, 2021
    The vaccination for COVID-19 in children (aged 12-15) has already begun in countries like France and Germany. In India, vaccination for children aged 12-18 years is likely to begin in October after the approval of the final trial results. Injection is